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The First Line of Defense: Effective Methods for Flood Protection

1/17/2024 (Permalink)

A room during flood cleanup. Remember, in the unfortunate event that flooding does cause damage, our SERVPRO® team is ready to help!

When it comes to protecting your home against flood damage, a combination of preparedness and preventive acts. In our expertise as a leading damage restoration company, SERVPRO of Northern Liberties, we've observed that a few strategies stand out in their ability to provide effective flood defense.  

1. Smart Landscaping

Strategically planned and implemented landscaping plays a surprisingly significant role in flood defense. Grading your yard away from your home, planting native plants and trees that withstand water better, and creating rain gardens can help divert and absorb excess water during a flood.

2. Home Elevation

One of the most effective methods for long-term flood defense, particularly in flood-prone regions, is home elevation. Raising your home on piers or columns keeps the living areas above the flood level. While this method can require a higher investment upfront, it can dramatically decrease the risk and cost of flood damage over time.

3. Flood-Resistant Materials

Using flood-resistant materials for low floors – those below flood level – can significantly minimize damage. Concrete, stone, or tile floors, water-resistant wall coverings, and stainless or galvanized steel hardware are excellent choices.

4. Flood Barriers

Flood shields, barriers, or even makeshift sandbags can provide a critical measure of protection against incoming water. Innovative, portable barriers that can be quickly deployed when a flood warning is issued can save valuable time and reduce damage.

5. Backflow Valves

Installing backflow preventers on your sewer system can help protect your home during a flood. These valves prevent sewage from re-entering your home if the sewer system becomes overwhelmed by floodwaters.

6. Reliable Sump Pumps

A sump pump can be an excellent defense against basement flooding. Regular maintenance and a battery backup ensure that your sump pump is ready to remove water even during power outages.

At SERVPRO of Northern Liberties, we recognize that protecting your home from floods can feel like a daunting task. But with these effective approaches, you can significantly enhance your home's defenses and give yourself peace of mind.

Remember, in the unfortunate event that flooding does cause damage, our SERVPRO® team is ready around the clock to provide swift, professional water cleanup and restoration services. We’re committed to making it feel "like it never even happened." One thing is clear: when it comes to flood defense, a proactive approach is your best bet!

Stay prepared with Technology Storm Preparedness and Recovery

9/5/2023 (Permalink)

When it comes to severe weather events like storms, technology has played an increasingly significant role in both preparedness and recovery efforts. From advanced forecasting systems to communication tools, technology has revolutionized the way we approach and respond to storms. In this blog post, we will explore the various ways technology has become an invaluable asset in storm preparedness and recovery.

Advanced Weather Forecasting

One of the most significant advancements in storm preparedness is the ability to accurately forecast weather patterns. Today, we have access to sophisticated weather forecasting systems that utilize data from satellites, radar systems, and weather models. These advancements allow meteorologists to provide more accurate and timely information about impending storms, giving individuals and communities ample time to prepare and take necessary precautions.

Mobile Apps and Alerts

Mobile apps have become essential tools for storm preparedness. With weather apps, individuals can receive real-time updates and alerts about severe weather conditions. These apps provide information about approaching storms, including their intensity, trajectory, and expected time of arrival. Some apps even offer live radar imagery, allowing users to track storms in real-time.

Emergency Notification Systems

Local authorities now utilize emergency notification systems to alert residents about severe weather events. These systems can send automated messages via phone calls, text messages, emails, and mobile app notifications. By signing up for these systems, individuals can receive vital information about evacuation orders, shelter locations, and other crucial details during storm-related emergencies.

Remote Monitoring Systems

In recent years, technology has enabled the development of remote monitoring systems that provide real-time data on various storm-related factors. For example, flood monitoring systems use sensors to measure water levels in rivers and streams. This data can help predict potential flooding and allow authorities to issue warnings and take appropriate actions.


Drones have become invaluable tools in storm recovery efforts. After a severe storm, drones can be used to survey the damage and assess the extent of destruction in areas that may be inaccessible or unsafe for humans. This information helps emergency responders and insurance agencies allocate resources efficiently and provide timely assistance to affected communities.

Social Media

During storms, social media platforms have become essential means of communication. They allow individuals to share real-time updates, photos, and videos of storm conditions, aiding in situational awareness. Social media platforms also provide a platform for emergency management agencies and organizations to disseminate important information and instructions to the public quickly.

Online Resources and Tools

The internet provides a wealth of information and resources for storm preparedness and recovery. Online maps and interactive tools can help individuals identify evacuation routes, locate emergency shelters, and find nearby resources during and after a storm. Online forums and communities also provide a space for individuals to share experiences, support one another, and find assistance during storm-related emergencies.

Technology continues to play a crucial role in storm preparedness and recovery efforts. Advanced weather forecasting systems, mobile apps, emergency notification systems, remote monitoring technologies, drones, social media, and online resources have revolutionized how we approach storms. By leveraging technology, individuals and communities can stay informed, take necessary precautions, and respond effectively during and after severe weather events. As technology continues to evolve, it is vital to embrace these advancements and incorporate them into our storm preparedness plans, ensuring the safety and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

Tree fall on your home? Advise & information about what to do

8/3/2017 (Permalink)

Part of tree branch that hit a roof due to a storm. SERVPRO of Spring Garden/Fairmont is available 24/7 at 215-791-2302.

Tree fall on your home? Advise & information about what to do if this happens to you.

With so many recent summer storms trees are falling causing damage everywhere, including homes in Philadelphia!  Damage can be significant and there are many homeowners that don't know where to start in this situation. SERVPRO of Spring Garden/Fairmount can help.  Here is some information and advise on what to do should this happen to you.

The sudden storms of summer are short and strong. Usually trees don't fall just because they are old. The rain water can become overwhelming in the ground making it soft and tree roots do not hold well in soft, wet dirt. This along with strong wind surges cause the tree to fall, wind pulls the tree right up from the soft ground causing the fall.  

If the tree does hit your home there will likely be damage, depending on the size of the tree the amount of damage can vary. Here are the basic steps to take to secure your home:

1. If you are in the home when the fall occurs, immediate walk out-side and visually look at your home for damage. Use an entrance far from the tree if possible. IE: If the main entrance is blocked, go out the back door.  

2. Call your local Fire or Police and advise them of the tree fall, sometimes there can be street wires that go down with the tree. If this is a problem the local authorities will help secure the area for safety.

3. Call your Insurance Carrier and report a claim for the damage to your home.  Get a claim number and you adjusters contact information. Also make sure they explain the claim process and how your insurance coverage applies in this situation.

4. Call a Tree Company to have the tree professionally removed. Your insurance carrier may assign a company, if not ask for recommendations. DO NOT attempt yourself, this is very dangerous!

5. Call SERVPRO of Spring Garden/Fairmount to begin mitigation of the damage. Also to board or secure areas of the house that is needed. The sooner we begin mitigation the better.  Damage can get worse the longer it waits.

6. Once all of this is done, begin looking for a contractor if any reconstruction is needed. SERVPRO of Spring Garden/Fairmount can also help you with this, we one of few SERVPRO Franchises that does reconstruction after mitigation.

At the end of the process we at SERVPRO of Spring Garden/Fairmont will it "Like it never even happened"  

We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year for emergency services at 215-791-2302 or visit our website. Click "Request Service Online"

You can also contact us through our Facebook Page: SERVPRO of Spring Garden & Fairmount: Fire, Water, Mold Emergency Services. Click the "call" button on the page or directly message us.